Our Altai Adventure by Catherine Neeley

Our driver, Khajbek, grinned as he steered the jeep over a bridge made of logs. It was so narrow that he could not see the edges around the vehicle. We awaited him on the other side. Zhan guided with one hand and filmed on his phone with the other. One of the tyres lifted onto the edge of the bridge: a narrow branch just above the burbling water. Zhan waved Khajbek back to the centre and soon we are congratulating him on the other side. Kahjbek used to hunt wolves, and his father before him hunted bears. It’s not much of a surprise that this twig bridge didn’t faze him. We piled back into the jeep. Gul, our kind-hearted cook, took her place in the front seat, while our guide Zhan sat with Tom, my partner, and I in the back. We continued on our bumpy adventure.