Overlanding through Mongolia

I think it’s no surprise that most travelers, especially overlanders, visit Mongolia several times, not only once, like most tourist destinations.

It’s a very unique place with its sense of freedom, the variety of landscapes, the hospitality of its people -- just to name some of the attributes that make people come back.

Ferenc and I have been to Mongolia twice already and will definitely visit again in the near future.

Our first impression was obviously how open and vast the landscapes are and while it is an outdoor lovers paradise, the nature is incredibly friendly. Grasslands, lush valleys, gorgeous mountains, and deserts. You can just disappear on your own, with only the nature being around you, but if you choose to visit or talk to any local, they will take care of you like you were family. That was just an incredible experience, that we’ve never seen anywhere else!

We only planned to spend about two weeks in the country, but we more than doubled that and stayed for over a month. That’s how we loved every minute of it. We traveled through 12 countries over 35,000 kilometers and when we finally arrived home we were asked what were the highlights of the trip. While it’s very hard to choose from so many experiences and places from a 6 months journey, there wasn’t a single occasion, when we didn’t say: “Mongolia!”

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