Trip to Mongolia: Altai Mountains and Nomadic Wedding (by Kelsey)

"Our experience exploring western Mongolia and the Altai mountains with Nomadic Altai Tour team was nothing short than the adventure of a lifetime. Our days were spent riding horses to glaciers, hiking to waterfalls, attending a Mongolian wedding, visiting an eagle hunting family and driving through the serene landscape. The landscape feels jurassic and raw, untouched by man. Our tour helped us appreciate the beauty of the region, by camping each night in a tent or a ger (yurt or round tent of Mongolian nomads), and eating all of our meals next to streams, lakes and in the shadow of mountains. Attending a Mongolian wedding was a highlight of the trip, as it allowed us to participate in Mongolian culture. The wrestling matches, toasts said in Mongolian (and translated by Zhan, our guide) and the horse races showed us a beautiful culture that is quite different from our own. We wouldn't trade that day (or the pile of meat we were given after the wedding wrestling matches) for anything. Zhan was an exceptional host, we couldn't have asked for anyone more prepared or more excited to show off his wonderful country. We would go back and do another tour with Zhan in a heartbeat."