UAZ 4X4  JEEP: The Off-road beast to travel in Mongolia

Do not follow where the path way lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trial. Have been traveling to many different countries and, for sure you have seen many different transportations in your life. But have you ever been to Mongolia: Country of nomads with eternal blue sky!? And, have you ever seen or being traveled in any country with Russian UAZ 452 4x4 van?

Transportation is for no doubt one of the main important part of traveling. 4X4 UAZ 452 is a monster of off-road cars here in Mongolia to travel with. More than 50% of the tours are escorted by UAZ 452 or Scooby-Doo vans/as some of the tourists used to say/ in Mongolia. Well, there are other choices of course. For example: You can hire Land Cruiser series of Toyota/ LC 200, LC 105, LC 100 and LC 80/ or other modern SUVs and they are more expensive but comfortable for Mongolian roads. But, Russian jeeps are something special and more adventurous to travel in Mongolia. This cars was designed for military use at the beginning. So, you can just imagine this car is more look like a off-road tanks than just normal off-road cars.

Here are some facts about Russian 4x4:

  • Weakest point of UAZ 452: These cars can be uncomfortable somehow but that’s because Mongolia is really a country of off-road traveling and adventure.
  • God of adventure driving in Mongolia
  • Easy to repair: Every driver of Scooby-Doo is a good mechanic.
  • Nick names: Loaf/ looks like a loaf of bread/, Scooby-Doo Van or The Magic Van.

So, if you are planning to do a long tent trip or you are planning to see more rural, nomadic and interesting areas around Mongolia, then this car is the right choice because it can load all the baggage at once. The famous choice of tourists who wants to experience the extreme drive and more adventure traveling which they’re not usually see.