Northern Part of Mongolia: The Reindeer People

One of the last remaining nomadic groups of reindeer herders in the world, lives in Northern part of Mongolia. This 10 days tour gives you an opportunity to know about this amazing people and their culture as well as great Mongolian steppes and beautiful landscape.

Trip Details:

Travel time: April-August (dates are flexible)

Availability: Min 2, Max 15. Discounts available for the groups!

Duration:10DAYS(11 NIGHTS/10 DAYS)


Trip Moments:

Detailed Itinerary:

D01: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

D02: Catch a flight to Northern Mongolia and drive towards Hugrugo village(overnight camping)

D03: Continue driving and reach to Camp in Hugrugo village. ( Meet horse rangers)

D04: Horse ride to the Reindeer people

D05: The Reindeer people

D06: The Reindeer people

D07: Back to camp

D08: Drive back towards to Moron city

D09: Khuvsgul Lake and Moron city.

D10: Flight back to UB and Terlj National Park( at the evening back to UB)

D11: Fly back to home country.

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s bustling and expansive capital. Ride from the airport to your downtown hotel and enjoy an evening at leisure. L+D

Days 2-3. Catch a flight to Northern Mongolia and drive towards Hugrugo village(overnight camping)

Today we will fly to Murun, a central town of Khuvsgul province. The flight takes 1.30 hours. Meet with a vehicle. In Murun, go to the interesting local market and prepare for the trip if required. Drive heading to Hugrugo village. Have an overnight among marvelous mountains while enjoying pristine nature and calmness. Next day, by the evening we will reach to Hugrugo village where we will meet our horse rangers. Overnight at camp. (B/L/D).

Day 4. Horse ride to the Reindeer people

We will start our horseback adventure heading to Zuun Taiga. There are two places in the depths of the Taiga where the reindeer herding people live in communities; Zuun Taiga (East Taiga) and Baruun Taiga (West Taiga) those are named after their location measured from the Tsagaan Nuur village. Entire riding to and from the Zuun Taiga is along wooded terrains with occasional open parts and some swampy areas. We will ride at walking speed at most of the time. The East Taiga is home to 20 reindeer herding households live in 1-10 family groups between 2 and 10 km distance. By the evening arrive to Reindeer people’s camp place. Overnight in tipi. (B/L/D).

Day 5-6. The Reindeer people

Today, we will remain in the same area, and our discovery and photo-shooting of the Tsaatan/Reindeer people will continue. We also have some hiking through the Taiga and along a mountain groove observing and familiarizing the area, its flora and fauna. (B/L/D).

Day 7. Ride back to camp.

It is time to say goodbye the Reindeer people. We pack our luggage and mount on the horses. Ride back to camp. (B/L/D).

Day 8-9. Drive back to Murun city and Khuvsgul Lake.

We will take same way back to Murun city and on the way we will visit Khuvsgul lake, The Blue Pearl of Mongolia. Lake Khuvsgul is 136 km long, 36 km wide, and 262 meters deep and is located at an altitude of 1645 m above sea level and is frozen from January until April or May. It's the second largest fresh water lake in Central Asia. First night camping on the way and second night at Hotel in Murun city. (B/L/D).

Day 10. Flight back to UB and Terlj National Park

After lunch start to drive to Chinggis Khan equestrian statue at Tsonjin Boldog. Chinggis Khan equestrian statue is a 40-metre tall statue of Genghis Khan on horseback, on the bank of the Tuul river at Tsonjin Boldog,(54 km east of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar), where according to legend, he found a golden whip. The statue is symbolically pointed east towards his birthplace. Overnight at Hotel in Ulaanbaatar city. (B/L/D).

Day 11. Fly back to home country. End of the trip!

Include services: Domestic flights, transportation within Mongolia, hotel in Ulaanbaatar and Ulgii city, all the overnight Gers and tents, three meals a day, bottled drinking water, English or Chinese speaking guide, cook, renting of riding horses or camels, support staff including drivers, all Border and National park permits. Possible to help with some visa problems.

Do not include: International transportation, Visa to Mongolia, Departure tax, Alcoholic drinks, Items of a personal nature, Gratuities, Any expenses paid due to any change in itinerary, Travel, medical & evacuation insurance or any expenses associated with medical and evacuation expenses if any.